Inspired Links

Mountain Biking –

Get a fresh perspective on Santa Cruz singletrack with insight that only results from decades on the trail, book an adventure with Dave at The Ride Guides today!

2017 Old Cabin Classic at Wilder Ranch State Park in Santa Cruz,

Dave Robinson brought a solar powered water dispenser he devised on-site, dispensing gallons of water and saving hundreds of disposable bottles in the process.

Video –

A quick glimpse into debris mapping and advocacy with Dave and Shawna aboard the Derek M. Baylis as they host educators from San Francisco’s Exploratorium.

A PSA by Monterey Regional Waste Management District highlighting the need for improved stewardship to keep trash out of our ocean.


Cradle to Cradle – A treatise on how to rethink consumption to save the planet. The keystone of the product stewardship and circular economy models.

Garbage Land – Elizabeth Royte tackles trash, from riding shotgun with New York City garbage truck drivers to the bin under your sink, very insightful read.


Garbology, Our Dirty Love Affair with Trash – Edward Humes challenges the American consumption dream with the dirty truth of it’s consequences.


Bottlemania – Elizabeth Royte hits the nail on the head again with this piece on the history and marketing marvel known to the world as bottled water. She introduces us to the true villains who feast on public water supplies worldwide and leaves us asking “Why can’t we shake this habit?”



Fixation – Cycling as a lifestyle, not just a low impact means of transportation. This is a great look at how culture can change the way we get around, even in LA! A Netflix title.

Happy – A scientific and sociological peak at what brightens our world and makes it a better place, another Netflix title.

This is Slopestyle – Dirt TV: Crankworx Slopestyle

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